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Vote for the Climber of the Year in F1 2024! Started 2.3.2024/Finish 31.1.2025
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A.Albon208 (1%)
C.Sainz,jr.131 (1%)
Ch.Leclerc132 (1%)
D.Ricciardo127 (1%)
E.Ocon136 (1%)
F.Alonso84 (0%)
G.Russell111 (0%)
K.Cunuda148 (1%)
K.Magnussen81 (0%)
Kuan-jü Č.65 (0%)
L.Hamilton22741 (91%)
L.Norris102 (0%)
L.Sergeant72 (0%)
L.Stroll129 (1%)
M.Verstappen133 (1%)
N.Hulkenberg65 (0%)
O.Piastri70 (0%)
P.Gasly133 (1%)
S.Pérez158 (1%)
V.Bottas122 (0%)
24948 votes

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How was this year's presentation ceremony of the readers' award - Climber of the Year in F1?

Our trip started on Thursday at 4.15am setting off from Unhost, we had about 680 km to go, the weather was nice and we went via Rozvadov to Nurburgring where we would pick up our passes. The plan was to be at the circuit at 2pm, however we found ourselves at the main information desk as soon as


Signed certificates Climberf of the year in F1 2012

On Friday 14.6.2013 at 15:00 were in general directors office of Rückl Crystal, a.s. in Nižbor ceremonially signed certificates Climber of the Year in F1 2012.The first one for Pastor Maldonado and the second for his team Williams F1. Then the certificates were framed and everything is ready for han


Climberf of the year in F1 1/2012 - estimate was correct , it is Pastor Maldonado/ M.Sanytrák, photo J.Křenek

Readers of our website and clearly decided. The choice really ran until the last hours of 2012. For an entire era poll options this year participated in most readers. Total 954 readers voted. P.Maldonado 12% (118) Sergio Pérez


Pastor Maldonado in the photos George Krenek of the 2012 season

Season Formula 1 World Championship 2012 in photos Jiri Krenek,


Who will win the Climber of the Year in F1 this year?

So far the results are open, even though I have already heard some saying it should be Pastor Maldonado of Sauber..Myself I am extremely curious about the winner. Our team is  trying to get the maximum attention for the poll, we are cooperating with more magazines, adding the Facebook


The time will fly by

The time will fly by and the first Formula 1 race of the 2012 season will be here. We do not know the Climber of the Year in F1 2012 yet, but there are a lot of newcomers, 6 World Champions. The drivers will battle not only for the Championship but also for the Climber of th