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A.Albon494 (24%)
A.Giovinazzi37 (2%)
C.Sainz,jr.28 (1%)
Ch.Leclerc205 (10%)
D.Kvjat26 (1%)
D.Ricciardo194 (9%)
G.Russel25 (1%)
K.Magnusen33 (2%)
K.Räikkönen95 (5%)
L.Hamilton85 (4%)
L.Norris26 (1%)
L.Stroll19 (1%)
M.Verstappen347 (17%)
N. Hülkenberg61 (3%)
P.Gasly60 (3%)
R.Grosjean25 (1%)
R.Kubica59 (3%)
S.Pérez113 (5%)
S.Vettel31 (1%)
V.Bottas129 (6%)
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Crystal BOHEMIA, a.s. main partner Climber of the year in F1.


Crystal BOHEMIA, a.s.


  Brilliancy, shine, glitter, high index of refraction, the high standard of the production process and technology are amongst the basic properties of the clear 24% lead crystal products made in the Poděbrady glassworks of CRYSTAL BOHEMIA, a.s.

 A tradition of many years, the creativity of the designers, wide range, and flexible production and technology, including the confidence of customers, are amongst the main traits of the Poděbrady glassworks' successful operation.

 The glassworks was founded in 1876. Initial production consisted of soda-potassium glass, but from 1927 the production began to focus on lead crystal, and in 1960 this became the only manufactured item. In spite of the difficult situations presented by the world wars and economic crises, the Poděbrady glassworks has always managed to survive amongst competition on a market where its products have always been appreciated and accepted with confidence by customers.
Every year the glassworks carries out hundreds of new projects. Thanks to the mutual, close cooperation of designers and technologists along with customers, a wide range of products is systematically created. New technologies support the creativity of innovation. So in view of the high productivity of production, the offer complies with all aesthetic and artistic aspects.

 The company Crystal BOHEMIA, a.s. offers its customers mouth-blown and machine-pressed lead crystal, both for day-to-day and special use. The entire offered range of goods comprises of thousands of types of products with simple and sophisticated shapes and various sizes and simple or rich decoration. In addition to the traditional utility and gift items, such as vases, bowls, baskets, candlesticks and other decorative products, it also manufactures components for bathroom and kitchen equipment, parts for chandeliers and light fittings, architectonic elements and other items of the decorative range.  

Production reacts flexibly and rapidly to all customer wishes. Within a relatively short time the glassworks can supply an unlimited number of products, from a single item to a batch running into hundreds of thousands. The factory deals with nearly one hundred different orders every month, and a common order runs into tens of thousands of items. Every day it manufactures 12 to 13 tons of products.   The Poděbrady glassworks Crystal BOHEMIA a.s. has an extensive customer network throughout the world. It is a credible and reliable partner for its clients, and it always fulfils their wishes and requirements in a highly responsible manner and with a professional approach. The glassworks also has partners in the non-production sphere which supply crystal awards for various sporting, cultural and society events.

 The world-famous brand Bohemia B, registered and acknowledged in more than eighty countries around the world, is a guarantee of unique origin, high quality, excellent properties and artistic value of products.   Take up our friendly invitation for an excursion to the glassworks, which includes a viewing of the smelting operation and cutting workshop and a visit to the factory shop. See the work of dexterous glassmakers and cutters close up, and then see their finished products in the shop, where you can buy them at very good prices. You can find more information on our website, or contact us at the below addresses or telephone numbers.    

Glass factory:   Crystal BOHEMIA a.s. Jiráskova 223, Poděbrady Czech Republic GPS Loc. 50°8'42.051"N, 15°7'38.242"E Phones: +420 325 610 042, +420 325 602 217 +420 325 602 111 E-mail:    

Company store:   Crystal BOHEMIA a.s. nám. T.G.Masaryka 1130, Poděbrady Czech Repuplic GPS Loc. 50°8'53.363"N, 15°7'24.758"E Open hour's:

Monday                 13:00 - 16:30

Tuesday - Friday    9:00 - 16:30