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Vote for the Climber of the Year in F1 2020! Started 28.2.2020/Finish 31.1.2021
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A.Albon147 (6%)
A.Giovinazzi58 (2%)
C.Sainz,jr.68 (3%)
Ch.Leclerc44 (2%)
D.Kvjat101 (4%)
D.Ricciardo261 (11%)
E.Ocon73 (3%)
G.Russell49 (2%)
K.Magnusen77 (3%)
K.Räikkönen190 (8%)
L.Hamilton57 (2%)
L.Norris47 (2%)
L.Stroll63 (3%)
M.Verstappen52 (2%)
N.Latifi47 (2%)
P.Gasly71 (3%)
R.Grosjean156 (7%)
S.Pérez390 (17%)
S.Vettel302 (13%)
V.Bottas110 (5%)
2363 votes

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Climber of the Year in F1 - rules

The poll Climber of the Year in F1 is opened every year as an assessment of the skill of a driver who makes the biggest progress in his driving style and his standings compared to the previous season. Similarly, his team then receives a trophy for the team.

The poll Climber of the Year in F1 starts after the 8th race of a season. Our readers vote for the pilot who got their attention. Voting continues also after the Formula 1 Championship has finished. The existence of the poll is reminded in email to all individuals listed in Who Works in Formula One and Who Works in Motorsport (, which means journalists, photographers, managers. The poll closes on 31st December of the year for which it is open. The winner can be also a newcomer to Formula 1, who managed to get the readers' attention with his skill. Consequently, arrangements with the winning team are made to present the trophy. Historically that happens always at some Grand Prix in Germany. The cup was handed over by the team of FORMULE magazine 5 times lead by PhDr Petr Dufek. Year 2011 for the first time the award was presented by the owner of Bc. Miroslav Sanytrak, MBA invited by Red Bull Racing. The ceremony is always documented by a professional photographer of Formula 1 - MgA. Jiri Krenek.

The readers are informed about the presenting ceremony right afterwards. Also, the event is made public in friendly magazines FORMULE, MOTORSPORTMAGAZIN, Automobil Revue, Auto&Design, Slotlok ( and others. There is an article summarising The Climber of the Year in F1 in the annual publication of FORMULE, a book issued by Sport-Press, spol. s.r.o.  The winning driver receives a prestigious trophy made of Czech hand-made cut glass with the name of the trophy and the year for which it is awarded, and there is a similar cup for the winning team. In case that there is a runner up for the trophy with a difference of less than 10 votes, he is awarded a special prize Climber of the Year in F1. So far it has happened only once.

Every year the cups are manufactured in the prestigious and world known glassworks RÜCKL CRYSTAL a.s., 267 05 Nižbor 141, Czech Republic.

Currently we are trying to establish contacts with other magazines and web sites, so that we could bring the poll to as many readers as possible. We are also trying to have the poll mentioned during the TV broadcasts of the GPs, unfortunately the current team of TV NOVA promotes only their own website and is not willing to give support to our poll. Therefore we are addressing foreign TVs and there is hope for cooperation with one of the prestigious foreign TVs.

The basic criteria to consider when voting for The Climber of the Year in F1

  1. Climb in the standings compared to the previous year.
  2. For both the newcomers and veterans, their general behavior, progress in the Championship, collected points
  3. For the newcomers also their driving style
  4. Grid position during the whole year
  5. You might also want to consider the driver's manners, his style of communication and public  image