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A.Albon494 (24%)
A.Giovinazzi37 (2%)
C.Sainz,jr.28 (1%)
Ch.Leclerc205 (10%)
D.Kvjat26 (1%)
D.Ricciardo194 (9%)
G.Russel25 (1%)
K.Magnusen33 (2%)
K.Räikkönen95 (5%)
L.Hamilton85 (4%)
L.Norris26 (1%)
L.Stroll19 (1%)
M.Verstappen347 (17%)
N. Hülkenberg61 (3%)
P.Gasly60 (3%)
R.Grosjean25 (1%)
R.Kubica59 (3%)
S.Pérez112 (5%)
S.Vettel31 (1%)
V.Bottas129 (6%)
2091 votes

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This year's prize-giving has been probably the most dramatic in all years.

This year's prize-giving has been probably the most dramatic in all years. The matter was being arranged since March and there has been a lot of letters between Unhost and Maranello and Unhost and Munchen. A press conference was held, where it is necessary to highlight the special understanding of the managers of the Radison SAS Alcron Hotel Praha, who offered their wonderful premises. To the journalists’ questions concerning the prize giving ceremony, I had to answer that it would probably happen at the GP of Germany.


In the end, on Wednesday 18 July, it was not clear at all whether the special trophy for R.Kubica would be handed over. There is silence at Ferrari. Finally, on Thursday 19 July an email arrives, advising us to contact the Head of Motorsport Press Office Mr Luca Colajani directly at the GP of Europe.

Luca Colajanni  team Scuderia Ferrari

We keep calling him all day, until after an email at 4.30 we get a salvaging reply. I do not exactly fall into the category of unstable guys but this time my nerves really work. In the evening, at the gas station in Rudna I give the cups and certificates in a special case to Tomas Leixner, a motorsport editor of the Sport daily and a photographer Jiri Krenek. My wife prepares a little treat of home made little steaks and a pie, the journey is long more than 800 km. Wishing good luck we part around 9pm and friends set off for the journey. On Friday I get a text message - „today we won't make it“. However, I do not lose confidence in my friends' onsite communication skills.

Petr Horák TV NOVA  Felipe Massa Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro

On Saturday morning T.Leixner calls: well, Robert Kubica has already got the trophy, he was very happy, you'll get the pictures and soon we will give the trophy also to F.Massa and Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro“. After the prize-giving a confirmation call, photos to be sent. I remind him, that there was no reaction from BMW Sauber F1. I am very happy and thank both friends, as I understand their merit.


R.Kubica,2 místo

The negotiating are not easy and it is often very difficult to find a crack in the teams' schedule. I thank also to both managers from Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro and BMW Sauber F1. At last, the 2006 season is closed and we are looking forward to the results of the Climber of the Year in F1 2007.