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Vote for the Climber of the Year in F1 2023! Started 12.3.2023/Finish 31.1.2024
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A.Albon651 (21%)
C.Sainz,jr.120 (4%)
Ch.Leclerc98 (3%)
D.Ricciardo40 (1%)
E.Ocon115 (4%)
F.Alonso88 (3%)
G.Russell98 (3%)
K.Cunuda101 (3%)
K.Magnussen95 (3%)
Kuan-jü Č.85 (3%)
L.Hamilton84 (3%)
L.Lawson21 (1%)
L.Norris300 (10%)
L.Sergeant145 (5%)
L.Stroll100 (3%)
M.Verstappen106 (3%) Vrais102 (3%)
N.Hulkenberg99 (3%)
N.Latifi86 (3%)
O.Piastri99 (3%)
P.Gasly93 (3%)
S.Pérez147 (5%)
S.Vettel107 (3%)
V.Bottas115 (4%)
3095 votes

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Valtteri Bottas and Williams Martini Racing F1 became the Climber of the Year in F1 or how it all happaned

This year's ceremony of presenting the trophy of the reader's poll of, which means the Climber of the Year in F1 was a dramatic event,  nothing for a man with weak heart. Fortunately I am not one of them  but it was a battle with wind mills that came o


Coctail Betroot Martini for Williams Martini Racing F1 team !

On 28 May, 2015 an importnat event of the Climber of the Year in F1 website took place in the Tretter's New York Bar in Prague. A unique BEETROOT MARTINI cocktail was made by the Tretter's New York Bar team. The cocktail was custom made to the request of Mr and Mrs Miroslav and Petra


Climber of the year in F1 2014 - Valtteri Bottas , Williams Martini Racing F1

Climberf of the year in F1: Valtteri Bottas ,Williams Martini Racing F1 The whole vote actually pass of until January 8, 2015 when last voices were awarded. Valtteri certanly deserved the victory. In every way we have to say that the vote was generally less than in 2013. According to the aud